Cafco SPRAYFILM® WB3 is a water based intumescent coating consisting of polyvinyl acetate resins and fillers for the fire protection of structural steel. It is preferably spray applied with airless paint equipment for speed and quality of finish. Brush and roller application is also possible.

Cafco SPRAYFILM® WB3 can be sealed and protected with a decorative top coat. Cafco SPRAYFILM® WB3 is applied directly to the contour of primed I and H section columns, angles, channels and beams and both square and circular hollow sections, to provide fire protection for up to FRL 120/-/- in accordance with AS1530.4: 2014 & AS4100. In a fire, a chemical reaction takes place causing the Cafco SPRAYFILM® WB3 to expand and form an insulating layer which slows the temperature of the steel rising to a critical level.
• Low VOC for Green Star Buildings
• Single application for lower FRL’s
• Water based for easy cleanup
• On or off site application
• Can be applied over many different types of primer