Berger Solarscreen Gloss

Berger Solarscreen Gloss Exterior paint is tested under our hot sun, to deliver strong UV protection backed by a 20 year guarantee against peeling, blistering and flaking. Self priming on bare timber, fiber cement, brick and masonry, Berger Solarscreen offers excellent protection against mould, fungus and algae. Berger Solarscreen has high performance color stability, is hard wearing and designed to last. It’s a water based acrylic paint so it’s easy to clean up


Strong UV protection, Self priming on bare timber, Fiber cement, brick & masonry, Excellent protection against mould, Fungus & algae.

20 year guarantee against peeling blistering and flaking,High performance color stability.


Berger Solarscreen


Patio, Deck, Pergola, Weatherboards, Fence

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